Event Mosaic – Ecobuilding

Welcome to the world of team building with a ecological message.

The first part of this one-day programme includes a visit to the Greenbridge science park and innovation centre for green technology in Ostend.
This is where you will discover surprising applications that will define your life either at home or at work today or in the very near future.
You will be able to gauge your knowledge about green energy.

After a healthy lunch with local fish products it will be time for some unadulterated action: the latest generation low-energy offshore RIB boats will transport you in no time at all to one of the biggest ecological sites in the world: the windmill park on the Thornton and Bligh Bank just off our coast.

When you arrive back safe and sound on terra firma you will be able to test the advantages of electrical, hybrid, hydrogen and natural gas vehicles.
Technical boffins and laypeople alike will all find something to fascinate them in this trip through the polders.
This formula is also ideal combined with a seminar, incentive or a product launch at the coast.