Brand Activation & Creative Events with superior service, flexibility and verve.

Rare are those products that sell themselves, in which the brand name itself is a selling point. Brands sell by attaching a sentiment to them and temptingly guiding them into the sights of
potential customers. Fast Forward knows how to do this.

We create targeted and tightly coordinated brand activations, road shows, product launches or presentations and sampling promotions as part of your 360° campaign.

In addition to our service and flexibility, everything is possible at Fast Forward. Everything can be improved, be more original. Our creative events prove this time and time again. It starts with an idea, suggestion or feeling and results in a stimulating brand activation, campaign, incentive,
opening event, teambuilding… all depending on your target and target audience.


Compare us with a brain. Just like human brains, Fast Forward has two separately functioning and at the same time interacting halves. The left half is logical, practical, focused on detail, realistic and rational, while the right half focuses on imagination, risk, fantasy, emotion and impulse. And this analogy says it all. The Fast Forward Service is the perfect pact between left and right. Logic meets magic. Logic ensures a flawless practical realisation of your idea; magic attaches a smile and a tear, an experience, a sentiment to your brand, product or service.

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