AVP ( Audio Visual Partners ) – Rent Audio Visual Equipment

Your preferred partner  for the audiovisual support during your meeting, presentation, conference, small or big event, exhibition, simultaneous translation, interactive voting, roadshow, videoconference, live-surgery,  etc..

With our years of experience, our service and our extensive range of rental equipment we can offer for each specific location and every budget the optimal audio-visual support.

From our warehouses in Brussels and Antwerp our project managers and technician are always close by to support your event from a to z.

The ‘ AV Alliance’, a global partnership of independent audiovisual companies, chose AVP as exclusive member for Belgium.  With thisinternational network we always have a partner who will support us worldwide with equipment and manpower .

This way AVP can guarantee you a flawless event and a smooth collaboration, even during your international projects

With our selected top-class professional rental equipment we always can ensure you the best image and sound quality.

The Barco projectors RLM-W6, RLM-W8, HDX-W12, HDX-W14, HDX-W18 and FLM-HD20.

The complete range of Barco/Folsom presentation switchers and Encore show-controllers.

Unique projection screens in all sizes of 16:9 , 4:3 or panoramic formats for front, retro,  or 3D projection, from 1.75m to 30 meters.

Creative Led flat-screens, seamless LCD and plasma-screens in numerous different sizes.

Top quality audio equipment, Sennheiser wireless microphones,  Bosch simultaneous translation- and conference systems, Videoconference in our VC-room or at your venue, Turning Point voting systems,  cameras,  IT equipment,  webcast & live-streaming, Coolux Pandoras box, Robe Robin

LED wash and LED spots, Chamsys,  etc.. .

We are always available for an appointment, free professional advice and a detailed proposal.