A unique place where it can get seriously out of hand.

The Dirty Rabbit can provide the ultimate combination of fine cocktails, craft beers, excellent wines and tasty food.

The bar design is a perfect example of how the best elements of a high-end and high-volume bar can be combined in a very practical way, delivering speedy service with craftsmanship and inventiveness.

Furthermore, the gorgeous design offers 130m² of original street art on our walls and in our toilets. 

Your event deserves the best sound available.

Great sound is a necessity for a great bar.

We have worked with Bowers & Wilkins who have created a warm sound that is generated from their AM-1 loudspeakers and beautiful PV-1 hanging subwoofers.

Together with the sound and acoustic engineers of Mutrox they have been expertly guiding us to a superb sound.

And the results are there: we are one of the first venues in Europe with a real Bowers & Wilkins Sound label.

Further proving that a timeless bar can have modern features, The Dirty Rabbit provides wireless internet for your guests and multiple audiovisual facilities are possible.

Our reception room and dance area can be used for organizing events, seminars, product launches, weddings, dinners and all sorts of Public Relations activities you can think of.

Together with our specialized Stuart Catering team, we can help you organize the perfect event every time.

Stuart Catering’ skilled professionals will advise you in every aspect needed, such as our sound system, light system, staffing, photographers, decoration, materials, and so on. Whatever you can think of, we got it covered.

No worries on your mind!

Lastly, the Dirty Rabbit offers easy access through the nearby highway, and several parking facilities as well as public transport are close by.